The Manor

After going through some old projects I found this shoot Alaric and I did about a year ago and since I didn't have the blog back then I thought I should share it now!

We had access to the amazing Casanova House in Oamaru, NZ. Here is what we came up with...



Lonely Lingerie
Lonely Hearts
Karen Walker
Vintage Finds

Inner City Gardens- vol #2

Barbican Conservatory. City Centre. Can't get much more inner city to me. You can also get green, serene, peaceful gardens to hang out in.

The Barbican is the perfect destination for a day out. Caters for all ages and interests with the library, architecture tours, jazz festivals, design exhibitions... the list goes on. Even just as a place explore and people watch, it is well worth a visit. 

E.Eight Speeddate

Miista's little sister is here and I am extremely excited. I love Miista and ever since moving to London I have been able to really reap the benefits of this London based brand, and now that they have a sister its double trouble (especially for my bank account). I have been to every sale at their Dalston studio that I could make and last Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to the E.Eight launch. If the night was anything to go by this brand is going to keep our feet very very happy.

The shoes are stand-out stunning and extremely fun and affordable. At the launch you had a speeddate with each new style and if you match with that style you went in the draw to win them. There was champagne, donuts, lollipops and lots of sparkle. 

Wishing E.Eight all the best.

If you're as impressed as I am I'm sure you will heading over to right now to buy a pair of stunners. Im trying to decide between Lina and Ana. 

Aspirational AIDA

I popped into AIDA the other day to check it out after walking past a few times. I fell in love. Very me; in so many different ways, I felt right at home. 

AIDA is a store in east London's creative hub Shoreditch (that I can as of 3 weeks ago call my new neighbourhood), that boasts sooo many great aspects. It has a cafe at the front where you can people watch, a well designed store with amazing independent brands (my favourite type!), it has both a men and womenswear section, an in house styling team and houses a make‐up parlour on the women's floor where a range of professional vintage hair and make‐up styling services are available to book. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED IN LIFE?? 

AIDA offers so much more than just the usual high street shopping experience, it offers a sense of community, great locally roasted coffee and amazing independent fashion brands from Miista of London itself to the Aussie Sol Sana. 

I have a few things to add to my next lust list.. At the top of the list is the amazing jacket.... featured below.

If you are shopping in London or just need a creative pick me up, this is the place to go! 


Shoes : Miista
Dress: Lonely Hearts
Sweater: £1 vintage find.
Bag: Deadly Ponies
Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Hooking you up.

Hook, Camden Town is where you go to get your fix of fresh and delicious 'fush' and 'chups'.

Since moving over from New Zealand where fish and chips were your affordable Friday night take away growing up, we were stunned by the price of a not so decent fish and chips in London. On our street there is a place where the cheapest piece of fish is £8.50 and it's not even that great (you can see the greasy piece of fish sitting in the warmer and you think 'surely that's not my piece' and then they reach for it...) So we stayed away from the easy ol' fish and chips for a while thinking, damn that was disappointing and I spent like over $20 NZD for THAT!?

And then we found Hook. Located in Camden Town just a short walk from the tube station we came across it one night on our way to see a film on the same street and being in need of a quick bite to eat. We were pleasantly surprised. The whole experience was fantastic, from the service to the food to the music, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. So we went back the other night for round 2.

We spent roughly £30 all up for 2 meals, 2 beers and a dessert and it was totally worth it! BARGIN!

The design of the restaurant is really rad and chilled out. I love the low hanging lights over the tables, the signs on the walls and the seaside industrial feel it has to it. 

The menu has a wide variety of different panko crumbed fish or flavoured tempura batters which change daily and are always out of this world. The chips are to die for and this is coming from a potatoaholic (anyway, any form of potato, potaaato) and each meal is matched to a delicious condiment (e.g tartar, aioli, the list goes on) and served with a nice big fresh wedge of lemon. 

To finish I tried their ice-cream; a scoop of each (spiced guiness with salted caramel syrup, baileys with espresso syrup and white russian with kahlua syrup) because I couldn't decide. One word - YUUUUUUM.

And the best thing about Hook is that sustainability is at the top of their agenda. They use "seasonal, unusual fish to to help the eco-harmony of the ocean"! How awesome is that!!

Cat Crazy

Those who know me know that I love cats. I can't wait until the day I have one living under the same roof as me again... but until then I have found a solution. Cat cafes! There are two in London and they are both awesome and pull off two totally different experiences.

 Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium was our first stop. At Lady Dinah's it is very important to book online (which usually means being super organised and hoping like hell you will have that day the next month off work). Lady Dinah's has been around for a few years now and is London's original (first ever) cat cafe. There is a £6 admission fee. You can book for high tea or a standard booking which means ordering à la carte and you can even book in for kitty yoga on a Wednesday (??). There are 11 cats at the Emporium, all gorgeous, well looked after and very sleepy (well they were when we went). I guess constantly being surrounded by excited humans can really take a toll on them. You are greeted at the front, taken through into a room and asked to wash your hands, told the rules; no picking up the cats, no feeding them, no petting them while they are eating, sleeping or grooming themselves. Then you are taken to your table where you have 90 minutes to sit down, enjoy a coffee, catch up with friends and of course interact with any awake and playful kitties that are around. The food looks great and the scone and coffee I ordered was delicious. 

London Cat Village was our second stop, only about 15 minutes walk from Lady Dinah's. Or an easy 3 minute walk from Old Street Station (Northern Line). The purpose of the Cat Village is to allow visitors to relax and de-stress. It is £5 per hour and you can stay for as long as you like. While you are there you have the choice of coffee and refreshments and also some delicious looking cakes. London Cat Village also offer movie night on Wednesday evenings which I can't wait to check out. They create a homely feeling by asking you to remove your shoes before entering. If you are not wearing socks they will give you some comfy slippers. The cafe is well designed with seating around the edge of the room creating lots of space for some floor play. There are 19 cats there now, including some very adorable new editions, KITTENS!! The bean bags are comfy and the cats will even join you on them if they are in a cuddly mood. They also really enjoying communicating with passers by through the window when they are having a break from playing. The coffee is really good and the cakes looked fab!

So the verdict. Lady Dinah's is puurrfect for a lovely high tea with a bit of kitty love on the side. London Cat Village is puurrfect for relaxing, unwinding, really interacting with the cats and having a coffee or cake if you feel like it. 

1 Night in Paradise

Back in London with multiple layers on and temperature is dropping fast. The days are shorter and I am so glad I made it away for a week of real 30 degree summer heat. Looking back on my photos I decided I had to share this amazing resort type hotel in Fanusa, near Syracuse in Sicily. Let me present Wellness Hotel Principe, Fanusa. 

My sister and I thought we would treat ourselves on my first night back in Sicily. And treat ourselves we did.. We caught up over sunbathing by the pool, cocktails in the sun chairs, sunrise jucuzzis and an amazing buffet breakfast (no photo unfortunately I was too busy eating everything). This place was amazing. The pool was stunning! The room was clean, modern design and so comfortable. The service was fantastic. AND we had a jacuzzi on our private terrace area.

Highly recommended. A+++++++

My Sicilia

Although I spent most of my childhood growing up in New Zealand, I was lucky enough to spend a small amount of it and also some of my adult life living in Sicily. It is no doubt, one of my favourite places on this earth. Beautiful in it own way, it makes me feel lucky to have Sicilian blood running through my veins. I feel at home.

I recently  spent 5 days back there on holiday, my days revolved around going to the beach, exploring my favourite towns and preparing and eating meals with family. As I write this I'm feeling nostalgic being back in London. The clear blue sky on the hot summer days, sparkling blue water; so clear and salty. The fascinating beautiful old buildings. Food, family, fresh local produce and Nonna's cooking. Take me back.

Secret City Gardens

Ever feel like sometimes it's just all too much? The constant sounds, crowds and concrete... The Pergola and Hill Garden is a place to get away from it all. All while staying in the city, just a tube ride away from the hustle and bustle. 

Tranquil, airy and extremely photogenic... the gardens are the perfect place to unwind on a day off, read a book or have a picnic with your loved one.

The gardens are located a short walk (10mins) from Hampstead Station, Northern Line (Edgware Branch)



Hot summer's day, flowing and relaxed. Sophisticated but girly.

Dress: Lonely Hearts (sample sale score!)
Bra: Lonely Lingerie
Shoes: Miista, Emmie Patent Black 
Bag: Deadly Ponies 
Jewels: Flash Jewellery Daze Ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Camden Quarters // Lock & Stables

Visiting Camden is an experience out of this world, alternative, bohemian bliss.  I love it, never the same experience twice. Filled with such an array of people: artists, makers, market sellers, homeless, tourists and locals.

Yes it is true that nestled around the back of the High Street is one of London's largest doss-houses that dishes up soup, clothes and beds for the homeless on a daily basis and yes Camden needs two unemployment offices to manage the copious amount of claims. I'm not going to lie, at first (being a tidy kiwi) I found it extremely hard to see past the mess- there are not nearly enough bins to support the amount of rubbish..

But the deeper you go the better it gets and the deeper you dig the more gems you find. You have to be selective; in my opinion Camden St Market and Inverness St Market aren't worth the while, unless you're after lots of cheap knock offs or cheap London souvenirs. Roam free! The Lock and the Stables are where its at! The food stalls are authentic, delicious and don't break the bank, plus there is sooo much to choose from with bonus options for the vegan/gluten free among us. The other stalls consist of arts, crafts, vintage clothing, well stocked little bookshops, handmade gems, records and with tucked away cafes, the park, the canal and a tube stop 2 minutes down the street Camden gets the thumbs up from me! 

Getting there: Northern Line, Camden Town or Chalk Farm stop.



My outfit vibe was comfortable inner city summer. As you will start to notice my personal style is very monochromatic so you won't often see me in anything other than black and white.. sometimes with a touch of colour and always with a touch of gold! 

Top: White Kimono style top from Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Camilla & Marc 
Shoes: Miista, Emmie Patent Black 
Bag: Deadly Ponies, Mr Zipalot 
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Jewels: Flash Jewelery, Jag (watch)
Nail Colour: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (pedi) and OPI Alpine Snow (mani)


Columbia Road Flower Power

After hearing about the Columbia Rd flower market I knew I had to go check it out. First of all I love markets and secondly flowers are probably in my top 5 favourite things, also what's a better thing do do with your Sunday morning: great coffee, fresh flowers and if you're lucky some sunshine!

It is on every Sunday, rain or shine from 8am till late afternoon. Columbia Road is in the East End sitting on the edge of the city with Shoreditch to the west and Brick Lane and Spitalfields nearby. It is one of the few streets in the UK composed of 60 independent shops. These shops are filled with great little finds, they range from small art galleries, vintage clothes store, English and Italian delis, cake shops.. you name it! On Sundays the street is transformed into an oasis of foliage and flowers. The atmosphere is intense as you push through the crowds, with an overwhelming smell of fresh flowers and the chorus of sellers yelling out their best deals.

Easy to get to, about 10-15 minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube station (Central Line)



Being a Sunday I decided to go for a comfortable laid back feel with my outfit, with all my fav jewels I don't get to wear to work.

Top: Score from a Vintage Market (£1!!)
Shoes: Kobe Husk Hannah Loafers
Bag: Deadly Ponies
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Jewels: Flash Jewelery, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Craft Me Up
Nail Colour: OPI Samoan Sand